Do you want to know why, for 25 years the best and most productive Mortgage Brokers have been bringing their business purpose deals to Lantern Financial, Inc.? In a word, SERVICE! If there is equity we’ll make that loan. No upfront fees, no forms to fill out and no excuses! We will close your loan in days, not weeks. How? We don’t wait for lenders to send in their money. We lend our own money. You will get paid the day we close escrow. It’s simple when you bring your deals to Lantern you will close more loans, make more money and have complete peace of mind that your transactions are being handled by the best and brightest in the industry. We have been serving the Mortgage Broker community for 25 years doing business the way business should be done. During that time we have learned that Mortgage Brokers want straight answers. You will get that at Lantern. We have learned that Mortgage Brokers want quick answers. You will get that at Lantern. In short, we have learned to give service to our brokers. If your loan is anywhere in Southern California from San Diego to Santa Barbara and there is equity, Lantern is the lender you want to call.

The next time you get an application for a business purpose loan, call us and you will find out why so many of the most productive Mortgage Brokers in California bring their deals to Lantern Financial.

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