Those of us who run a business know how vital a dependable credit facility is. We borrow to take advantage of opportunities in the marketplace. We had a business owner come to us because one of his competitors was going out of business and he was able to purchase the entire stock of his competitor and turn a nice profit because Lantern Financial was there with the necessary funds. That is what we do. One of your tenants skipped after doing damage to one of your rental units. You may have a prospective tenant but need cash for paint, carpet, new drapes and a new sink. Lantern Financial will get you the money to completely renovate the unit in as little as 7-10 business days. That is what we do. You’ve got four grown sons and three stores. You need money to open a fourth store. That is what we do. No matter how small or large your business is, at some point you may need a loan. When that happens, call Lantern Financial. If you have equity, we have a loan for you. We are, “The YES we can” company. You may own a small café and need additional space. The store next to you has become vacant. With enough money you could buy it and expand. That is what we do. The IRS slapped a $750,000 tax lien on your business but your house has equity. Yes! You can use your own residence for a business purpose loan. And, Yes! we can get the IRS off of your back so you get back to making money again. That is what we do.

These were examples of real situations. Business people who saw an opportunity and with Lantern Financial turned adversity into profits. And “Yes we can” do it for you too. If you have equity we have a loan for you.

Loan Products

Property Types

    • Mixed Use Properties
    • Places of Worship
    • Industrial Warehouses
    • Convenience Stores
    • Warehouses
    • Single Family
    • Retail Shopping Centers
    • Strip Centers
    • Automotive/Gas Stations
    • Retail/Mixed Use
    • Rehabs/Flips

Loan Types

  • First Trust Deeds
  • Second Trust Deeds
    (case by case)
  • Partially Amortized
  • Interest Only
  • Fully Amortized

Program Guidelines

  • Flexible Credit Underwriting
  • No set debt coverage ratios
  • No upfront fees
  • California Only
  • Business purpose loans
  • Probate Loans
  • Loans from $35,000 to $1,500,000
  • LTV’s up to 60%
  • 1 Day Approvals
  • Fast Funding, Emergency Loans Available in Less Time

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The repayment amount shown using this calculator is an estimate, based on information you have provided. It is provided for illustrative purposes only and actual repayment amounts may vary. To find out actual repayment amounts, contact us. This calculation does not constitute a quote, loan approval, agreement or advice by My Finance. It does not take into account your personal or financial circumstances.

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